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Is Online Marketing in Australia effective for your business?

By June 22, 2021Business

Online Marketing in Australia still leads huge budget for a company especially now that most customers across the globe use their smartphones more than ever.

Coronavirus-19 or commonly known as the COVID-19 pandemic made people stay in the comfort of their homes to be safe from the fatal virus. Because of this, there has been an undeniably increase in the activity in the online realm because it is the only way for people to entertain themselves.

Social media is one of the most used websites and applications in the world and is also the best choice for businesses to use as their marketing tool to obtain new clients.

Reports and insights from Australian chief marketing officers and other traders found that 44.8 per cent of total advertisement spend in the country is allocated in the digital realm, followed by TV, and print media. This reflected an enhancement from 36.2 per cent in 2014.

Paid display advertising takes the number one position for marketing budget allocation last year, making up to 17.6 per cent. It was then followed by social media with 16.5 per cent.

Meanwhile, because of the global pandemic and companies were just starting to rise again from their financial losses, it is believed that online marketing in Australia will go its effectivity up to 87 per cent.

Aside from internet marketing, promotions and advertisements from television and radio somewhat increase between 2014 and 2017, however, print media continues to decline each year.

Marketing in the social media platform constantly remains the most influential among all medium. The top two most efficient marketing activity is being done through social media and search engine optimisation or SEO.

Exchange rates being done through shopping apps are five times higher than websites and experts believe that by 2022, smartphones will surpass the sales of personal computers and laptops because mobile internet retailing is about to grow up to $13.7 billion in the next two years.

Having a comprehensive strategy for your online marketing in Australia is powerful. Around 56.2 per cent of marketers presume that possessing an effective integrated campaign develops customer experience by maintaining a consistent service upon purchase.

Meanwhile, 44.9 per cent of marketers assume that an effective comprehensive strategy increases return on investment.

Personal preference of customers is also recognised as the secret to drive repeat purchases, more conversions, and multiple acquisitions.

The said report also discovered that metrics, such as new revenue and customer rate, are commonly used to track campaign performance in different stages of a client’s journey. Incrementality is a measure of the lift that advertising spend provides to the conversion rate and it is the frequently used metrics among the three client’s journey.

Furthermore, around 62 per cent of the marketers examined mentioned that they have aimed campaigns for the three stages of the client’s journey because the tactics, objectives, budget, and attribution model are different for campaigns for each phase.

During the acquisition stage, huge cost and effectiveness of targeting are considered to be the main difficulties that marketers encounter having the major challenge at the conversion stage and being disconnected on the offline and online data.

When it comes to recommitment, the absence of integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) databases is the main challenge.

Marketing in social media platforms is being used by most marketers at the conversion stage. Email marketing, paid display advertising, and social media marketing is the commonly used to encourage repeat purchase among customers.

Marketers strongly believed that repeated purchases help in developing client’s loyalty or brand preference.

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